What am I up to?

I’ve been living in Osaka for almost 6 months now. I don’t know why I’m busy but I’ve realized aside from being a software engineer, I’m just any other normal girl.

So I have recalled what I’ve been doing outside my work hours that’s taking up my schedule.

1. Watch TV shows

I think most of my wasted time is watching TV shows (Kdramas, Jdramas, US TV shows). Why? Just to waste time. And to make me laugh. And to make me sleepy. I particularly like kdramas that have any relation to law. The last I watched was Lawless Lawyer. I highly recommend it!

2. Read books

You might not take me for a bookworm kind of girl but hey, I read too! I’m currently reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I want the I Am Number Four series because I can’t remember which book I stopped reading it. Aside from fiction, I am also into inspirational books but sometimes it’s too tiresome to read because I’m hesitant to some of the author’s ideals.

3. Biking around my place

I bought a bicycle out of peer pressure late last month and since then, I haven’t regretted about it. It’s very convenient to go to one place and another. Yodogawa river is just near my place and it’s refreshing to just be there and watch how beautiful Osaka is. But lately the temperature is at its peak so I don’t think biking in this weather is a good idea.

4. Take photos, lots of them

It’s my first time in Japan so might as well be a tourist here (even though I’m really working here) and experience many things here and of course, document them! Some of the pictures I took are only for my consumption so can’t share them to the world. But yeah, it’s really fun to travel to a place and take photos and even videos! You’ll then realize you’ll ran out of memory because of the many photos and videos that you have.

5. Sleep and sleep more

Wow! This must have been the very important and productive thing I’ve been doing. After a tiresome week, I really enjoy doing nothing except sleeping. I need to recharge for the next work week so usually my weekends are spent in the bed, with me snoring.

This list makes me laugh. Wow! I really have a lot of free time. But not so. I want to be more productive in my career so I really want to learn something new related to my profession. And I want to explore on photo editing and video editing. And lots of other things! Maybe some other time when I have the resources. 😁


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